Semper Virens Deanery


St. Paul's Crescent City is a member of the Semper Viren's Deanery (Humboldt and Del Norte Counties).  Information about Deanery events etc., are available on the web page:

The Episcopal Church is governed by a General Convention and consists of 100 dioceses in the United States proper, plus ten dioceses in other countries or outlying U.S. territories and the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, which is similar to a diocese. Each is led by a bishop. A diocese includes all the congregations within its borders, which usually correspond to a state or a portion of a state. (Some dioceses includes portions of more than one state.) 

The Semper Virens Deanery is located in The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California made up of 70 Episcopal Churches. More information is available on the Diocese web site: